At Salon Luxe, we always begin conversations by saying the strangest thing… we're not for everyone! As one of the elite salons in the United States, we are different from other salons in Omaha and the Midwest. We love our work and we are fanatic about the craft of hairdressing. We are a clean, happy, drama-free, professional hairdressing salon. At Salon Luxe, you won’t find the drama, the gossip, the crazy, the junk, or the chaos that you see in other salons. What you will see is a wonderful team of dedicated professionals doing amazing work in an amazing upscale salon space. We feature good people who are great professionals doing amazing professional work. We work hard. And we have a lot of fun along the way. We find it refreshing. We love what we do!

If you’re looking for something different, something better… you’ll find it here at Luxe. We offer unique compensation and rental opportunities…for unique people. If you’re a special person looking for a special opportunity, we’d love to hear from you!


We love working with young stylists who have a passion for hairdressing and real ambition for their craft and their career. The ideal candidate will be a recent hair school graduate, or a younger stylist who has been in the industry for a couple of years and is seeking to take their career and their craft to a new level.

For younger stylists joining our team, Salon Luxe offers a unique Apprentice Training Program, which is the finest training program of its kind. Featured in Salon Today and American Salon magazines, our Creative Director (Hope) has been recognized for her work developing and growing young salon talent. Our Apprentice program offers advanced training in all of the key technical areas of hairdressing. You will immediately become an active member of our professional hair team and will begin working behind the chair and building your clientele starting on day one. During your training, you will have certain responsibilities helping us run the salon business, and you will earn a base income associated with those work responsibilities. Our training program is a unique opportunity to work at one of the elite salons in the country, and to take your career to the highest level possible.


We are always interested in speaking with stylists who have an interest in joining us at Salon Luxe. We offer either Chair Rental or Commission opportunities with exceptional terms. Our commission structure ranges from 60% to 65% to 70%. For established stylists, our commission is 70%. Or we can offer very flexible chair rental arrangements with either weekly chair rental or percentage chair rental. We can be very flexible with arrangements for good people who would like to join us. If you're just starting out in your career? We have opportunities for younger stylists to join our team as well, either as an Apprentice Stylist or as a Stylist.

Whether you are looking for chair rental or commission, we offer an amazing financial opportunity. Work independently....alongside a wonderful team. Enjoy the freedoms of chair rental....along with full salon support. Take your work out of the booth rental maze...and enjoy an exciting salon location with busy new client opportunities. If you're in a traditional salon and struggling with the drama or the lack of education and'll love our friendly happy drama-free professional team. This is a unique opportunity to be inspired again, to be a part of something special, to work on an elite stage...and to enjoy the best opportunity possible.


Salon Luxe currently has an opportunity for an Esthetician and/or Lash Extension specialist. This is a unique opportunity to work as the exclusive “house” esthetician or lash specialist with an elite team of hairdressing professionals in a wonderful upscale salon environment.

We are very flexible with the arrangements for this opportunity. The opportunity can be either Room Rental or Commission. Our goal is to add a lash extension professional or possibly an esthetician for our busy upscale clientele. And our goal is to offer a unique compensation opportunity. We offer exceptional commission structure (70%). Or, we can offer room rental with a variety of flexible rental options including weekly rent or percentage rent. Room rental options are flexible and include full salon support and the ability to give your clientele amazing customer service and a truly wonderful salon experience.

If you're passionate about Lashes and/or Makeup....
Or, if you're a professional Esthetician.... we'd love to hear from you.


Interested candidates are welcome to drop off a resume at the salon; or to email a resume; or to simply pick up the phone and give us a call. All inquiries will be strictly confidential.

   Salon:    2909 S. 169th Plaza, Omaha, NE, 68130


   Phone:    402.933.1900

Thank you, and Happy Hairdressing!